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Each type of cannabis, produces different phenotypes. Others resemble the father and others the mother of the plant, while many have mixed characteristics in different proportions. This feature, combined with the appearance and different terpenes make different types that have different characteristics. That’s the magic of diversity. Each variety of cannabis has unique characteristics and beneficial ingredients offering excellent effects.

The names of our varieties were made expressing the characteristics of these plants and their properties. We wanted to use names that come from the Greek language and are also familiar to people who speak English.

The second word on each strain name is for us an expression for the passage to the new modern era where well-known cannabis varieties make their appearance around the world and leave history. We cheerfully express a Greek dimension in all this by keeping the best from both worlds.

Among the most beautiful Greek crops we chose the best hemp flowers to offer them in a package that keeps their aromas and flavours intact.

These varieties grew in the pristine mountains of the Peloponnese with a lot of love and passion.

Aroma: Intense classic hemp aroma with lemon and pine tones.

Flavour: Strong fruity flavour with lemon and citrus tones.

Cannabinoids: CBD < 30%, THC < 0,2%, CBG <0.17%, CBN < 0.03%, CBC <0.03%

Terpenes: b-caryophyllene, b-myrcene, Limonene Linalool and many more…